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NAI offers the highest level of quality and
support to authors seeking to publish in
the most respected scientific journals.

Our Services

Editing and Proofreading of Scientific Manuscripts

English proofreading and editing

Providing language expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, biology, pharmacology, chemistry, nursing, dentistry, agriculture, physics, and engineering, our editors and proofreaders are the best at bringing non-native manuscripts to native level. Our clients additionally benefit from the insightful subject-matter commentary of our editors who combine experience in both the discipline at hand and peer-reviewed original work.
We provide total support for English scientific manuscripts, from first-submission manuscripts to manuscripts that have been proofread by prior professionals, to cover letters, response letters, and any relevant correspondence.

Editing service options

Proofreading and editing service options

As a full-service provider, we accommodate a wide diversity of client needs. Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Journal Instruction Check/Journal Instruction Formatting
  • Certification of edit
  • Writing cover letters
  • LaTex editing

Revised manuscript editing

Revised paper proofreading

If the manuscript has already been edited by NAI, the same editor will carefully look at the manuscript again, to provide a consistent edit.
Our editors carefully analyze comments from reviewers, as well as submission status and requirements to ensure that the submitted manuscript fully addresses reviewers' concerns and complies with the publisher's standards.

Translation of Scientific Manuscripts

Academic paper translation

NAI provides translation services as well as editing services for scientific manuscripts, ensuring the highest quality for both through our Quality Assurance System (QAS). For 1 scientific paper, 2 translators will always oversee the translation, and the second translator is assigned for quality assurance. Our translators are veteran Japanese scientists experienced in academic paper publication. Clients may also request English-native editors to edit as well, after the translation.
We provide Japanese to English, English to Japanese, translation verification, and back-translation with equal quality and rigor.

Presentation Preparation Support

Worried about English presentation: Leave it to NAI

Are you worried about English presentation: Leave it to NAI. We offer full support for presentations or poster sessions related to international academic conferences, not just in terms of English editing and proofreading but in a practical manner. We give you advice regarding the slide or poster layouts, provide native voice data for the presentation, and so on. In short, we give you a comprehensive support for your main presentation.

Correspondence Support

Writing letters/mails and cover letters

NAI helps with all manner of correspondence with journals and institutions, such as writing emails to journals regarding your manuscript.
Our experienced editors understand your goals and help you communicate smoothly, appropriately, and clearly to achieve them.